Super Fine Fleece

Forestglen Seth’s great strength is his super fine fleece. Starting with his 15 micron baby fleece (tested 8 months old), through to his 19 micron mature fleece (tested 9 years old) he has impressed judges around the world. Fleece sample photos never do justice to the softness and silky handle of such fleece, but we hope that the photos and details below will give you some idea of the true qualities of his fleece.

International Supreme Champion

International Supreme Champion Fleece

Forestglen Seth stunned the New Zealand and Australian alpaca community by winning Supreme Champion Huacaya Fleece at the first International Fleece Show, held in Sydney, Australia in March 2008.
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FGS fleece display

Stunning Achievements

Forestglen Seth’s stunning achievements can be best measured by the outstanding quality of his fleece and the international success it has enjoyed. Winning the accolades of the judges and being awarded Supreme Champion in an alpaca fleece competitions is the highest achievements for any alpaca.

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Super fine fleece

Super Fine Fleece

One of the major positive fleece traits that Forestglen Seth has displayed over many years is his super fine fleece microns. Read more »

Supreme Champion ribbon

Supreme Champion Fleece

Forestglen Seth started in spectacular style when his first fleece, shorn in November 2006, took out his class and age group ribbons at his first fleece show.

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