FGS as a world chapion

World Class Stud Male

Forestglen Seth is a well known and highly regarded huacaya stud male, with all the international credentials to back it up. He is a unique stud male with a world class track record. This is endorsed by his Supreme Championship Fleece Awards at the 2008 International Alpaca Fleece Show in Sydney, Australia.

He was bred by Maureen Cary at the Forestglen Alpaca Stud in NSW, Australia and now lives in New Zealand. He is jointly owned by Qtaz Alpaca Stud (North Island), and Waratah Flats Alpaca Stud (South Island), and is used exclusively for our in-house breeding programmes.
Unlike many well known modern day alpaca stud males, Forestglen Seth does not have scores of his offspring flooding the market, instead his genetics are still very exclusive. He is not available for outside stud breeding services and because of this exclusive arrangement he has only a relatively small number of offspring available for sale each year.
This unique feature means that his offspring, both males and females, have been widely sort after around the world, particularly in Europe where many of these offspring have performed exceptionally in the show ring. Visit “Amazing Offspring” to see some of these stud quality offspring.