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Fleece stats from his 9th shearing

FG Seth does it again, for the 9th year in a row his mid side fibre tests have come back at under 20 microns, underlying his reputation as one of the softest mid fawn breeding males around. His 2014 PML test results are: 19.3u, 3.4 SD, 17.3 CV and a comfort factor of 99%. We just don’t know how he does it, he one of the biggest framed alpaca males that you are likely to meet, he eats like a horse and has a body score more suited to a small pony. It’s all in the genetics and there is no doubt the FG Seth has super fine genetics. We are now looking forward to year 10.

Fantastic grid fleece samples

One of the great features that we have always admired with FG Seth is the great uniformity of his fleece over his whole body. So we decided that this year we would do a grid sampling of FG Seth’s fleece just to confirm that he is still holding that consistent uniformity at 6 years of age.

Not surprisingly there was less than ½ a micron of variation across blanket. Samples taken from the three key points along his side tested as follows: front left 19.8u, mid left 19.6u and from back left 19.5u.